5 Tips to Surviving a Week Without Daddy

Tomorrow marks five – FIVE whole days since Corey has left to go on a work trip. I would love to sit here and tell you this week has flown by and we had so much fun. But to be honest, that’s just not the truth.

Truth is, we have had meltdowns – from both the kids but also from me. We have had cuts and scrapes, and sleepless nights. We have had only soup for dinner and skipped bath night …. two nights in a row.

Its been hard. To be honest I don’t think that in the five years Corey and I have been together we have ever gone this long apart. I knew that the kids would have a hard time but I never imagined that I would be having a hard time as well.  I miss my best friend, I miss whispering about our days as the kids are both asleep, I miss our silly jokes and I miss feeling so secure and safe knowing he’s next to me at night. I miss my time alone and hot showers. I miss seeing him snuggled up with our babies at night – but most importantly I miss my sanity.

Being away from your spouse is never easy – whether it be one night, one month or a whole year. When they are gone you are completely, one hundred percent responsible for taking care of the kids. And let me tell you, it is not easy.

So I have compiled a list to help you survive a week without daddy. I’m not promising you no meltdowns, but I can guarantee it will help make the time go smoother.

  1. Start with a clean house – if its possible the day before your hubby leaves clean your house and do your laundry. You will feel so good knowing you will start your week fresh and clean – and you wont have to worry about cleaning the whole time he’s gone (maybe a little spot cleaning).
  2. Have a busy week – fill your week with fun and exciting things for you and the kids. Follow through with play dates you have been putting off, go to the mall, visit family out of town. Having a busy day will be exhausting, but it will fly by – you will be surprised that you don’t even think about hubby all day.
  3. Have a meal plan – there’s nothing worse than starting to cook dinner and realizing you have a key ingredient missing, and its easy to phone up hubby and have him pick it up on the way home. But when he’s gone that means you have to pack up the kids and run to the store for one item – definitely not fun. If you don’t know how to meal plan you should check out my prior post. https://www.joslynnwassing.com/how-to-meal-plan/
  4. Keep your bedtime routine – this is going to be the most difficult without hubby. But it is so important to keep the routine – same bedtimes, goodnight kisses and snuggles, and story time. You may be exhausted and ready to crash as soon as its bedtime, but remember that the kids miss him just as much – if not more than you do. So for their sake keep their routine and try to call hubby and have him be a part as well.

Write letters – Corey and I text through the whole day, so the hardest part about him being gone was not being able to share with him when something happened. So I started writing him letters every time something happened so when he comes home he can read them and I can tell him all about our week.

BONUS – Utilize grandparents – if you need a break – even if its for a ten minute shower, don’t hesitate to call the grandparents. They love watching the kids, and are always open to giving you a break. Last night my dad came over, brought us dinner, and a much needed coffee, took the kids to the park so I could take a shower, and then helped meOne more day. I can do it.




7 Replies to “5 Tips to Surviving a Week Without Daddy”

  1. Yes, to all of the above! My husband is frequently away and major kudos to all the full-time single parents out there! Definitely stay busy! I try to find something extra fun and exciting for the kids that is out of the ordinary (like the zoo or aquarium) to make the week more fun. Be strong, mama!

  2. YES! I feel like I can barely make it one night without my husband if I don’t utilize outside help. With babies, showering just doesn’t happen unless someone else is there to watch them. We have also learned, FaceTime works wonders when the kids are in meltdown mode. If they won’t listen to me, they listen to Dad over the phone. And many times, it’s just the right distraction they need to forget whatever it was that they were so focused on to cause the meltdown.

  3. I will definitely be utilizing these tips in the future! My husband works out of town periodically and it is difficult to keep the kids in a routine when you’re doing everything solo, but I know it is SO important!

  4. Omg I needed to hear this! Lol my hubs is gearing up to go hunting for ten days, leaving me with our two kids, and I’m going to be babysitting a one year old on top of that. I am totally going to clean my house and meal plan before he leaves next month!

    1. My hubby leaves at the end of october for a hunting trip!
      What does he hunt for?
      Youll be okay mama! but seriously if you meal plan and clean before it will save you so much trouble!

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