Boost Your Immune System

Fall is fast approaching and with that comes the dreaded cold and flu season. Did you know that the common cold is the leading cause of missed time at work or school? That’s right! It is estimated that up to 20% of Canadians will experience cold and flu like symptoms this year!

There are ways to avoid falling victim this year, and it starts with boosting your immune system!


Reduce Sugar – The first thing you need to do is reduce your sugar intake – meaning switch the soda for a glass of water or cup of tea or grab an apple instead of sweets.

Did you know? Drinking as little as two cans of soda a day can reduce your bodys ability to destroy bacteria! 

Eat your Veggies – By eating more fruits and vegetables you are naturally building your immune system by giving your body the energy to fight those nasty bugs.

Avocados and mushrooms have a natural ability to boost your immune system. While garlic is anti bacterial and anti viral! 

Take Vitamins – There is some evidence that vitamin deficiencies alter immune response.. Therefore taking supplements or eating nourishing food rich in these vitamins can help your immune system fight off illness.

Vitamin C – One of the biggest immune boosters. Foods include: oranges, grapefruits, and broccoli. 

Emergen-C Super Orange, 1000mg Vitamin C / Electrolytes / B Vitamins, 30 Packets/Sachets

Vitamin B6 -A vitamin that is essential in supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system. Foods include: chicken, fish, and chickpeas. 

Jamieson Vitamin B6 250 mg (Pyridoxine)

Vitamin E – Powerful antioxidant which helps the body fight off infections. Foods include: nuts, seeds and spinach.  

Jamieson Balanced Vitamin E Complex 400 IU with Mixed Tocopherols

Stress Less – I wish I were joking. I know this one is easier said than done but stress hormones are actually known to suppress the immune system – which means stress increases your risk for illness, colds and serious disease.

Exercise More – Exercising for 30 minutes a day boosts your immune system by 33%. The movement will stimulate the lymphatic system which will help fight infection.

Essential Oils – Lemon and peppermint essential oils have incredible detoxifying effects on the body. While lavendar is known to help support better sleep – which in turn will allow your body to rest and heal.

You can use these oils topically, by applying them to the bottom of your feet, your temples or your wrists. You can also use them in a diffuser or ingest them. 


5 Replies to “Boost Your Immune System”

  1. Stress less? How? I’m a single mom of two! Jk. (well not about the kids part). Incoukdnorobably manage all of these except the sweets. I don’t drink soda or juices (except cranberry) but candy is like my guilty pleasure when I get time to myself from the kiddos. But with the chill rolling in and cold season approaching , I probably should work on this! thank you!

    1. hahah! i feel you mama, i am definitely guilty of the sweets! and i have been awfully sick all year!
      im trying to cut back LOL wish me luck !

  2. Immune system is very much essential for moms. We play and give most of our times to our kids. We often do not take care of ourself. So the steps you shared are required. thanks

  3. Funny that I am reading this today…I REALLY need to kick my sugar habit. It’s gotten worse since having baby #2 because I am a stress-eating choco-holic. Thanks for motivating me to get started!

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