How to Gain Instagram Followers

It feels weird to be writing this post ” How I gained Instagram followers“. Because to me, they are not followers, they are friends and family – who even though I have never met, know more about me than people I see on a regular basis, who have already helped me through tough times and know exactly how to make me smile. To me Instagram isn’t about how many followers you have, but the connections you have made and the amazing people you have “met”.

When I started my Instagram account 7 weeks ago – my main goal was to find amazing people to follow and connect with, I wanted so badly to be a part of this amazing community and have a support system built right into my phone.

I’m not going to lie – its been extremely hard at times. Which sounds so weird to say. How can Instagram be hard? If you want engagement on you’re account – you have to engage with other people. Which takes time. I spend hours a day liking and commenting on pictures.

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How to Stay Productive

Being a mom is probably the most difficult – underpaid job there is.  You have the sole responsibility of taking care of these tiny humans, and with that comes with the long list of  other jobs we take on as mothers – doctor, chef, maid, referee (you get it). 

On top of all the responsibilities of taking care of children, most of us have a house and bills to take care of, an actual job or school, and a husband – who lets be honest, is basically another child. 

Personally, I have taken on all of the household responsibility, I go to university full time and recently I have taken on the blogging world. Staying organized and productive is the only way I am able to balance my responsibilities and life.

Writing down my to do list, budget, goals and blogging schedule really helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Best Gifts for a First Birthday

As many of you may know – my son just celebrated his first birthday! In the weeks prior to his party, I kept getting the same question from our guests “what does Easton need?”. Every time someone asked me this question I had no idea how to answer – because really, what does a one year old need? 

He doesn’t have many interests other than food and touching things he’s not supposed to – vents, garbage cans, the dog bowls. And he doesn’t need any clothes, he has all of his brothers hand me downs. So what to get a one year old that will help him learn and explore.

I have put together a list of  7 toys that would be perfect for any one year olds first birthday – whether you’re guest or the parents!

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18 Birthday Traditions

With my little baby’s F I R S T birthday approaching I have decided to do a special birthday series on my blog – woohoo! And what better way to start the series than with a list of 18 birthday traditions you should start !!! I have teamed up with some amazing mamas who shared their favourite traditions – make sure to check out their blogs!

Traditions have always been something super important to me – I remember every Christmas as a kid I wasn’t aloud to open one present, or on my birthday I got to pick what we were having for supper. Some of my favourite memories as a child involve a family tradition.

So after having my children I knew I wanted to instil these traditions with them – and even make our own!

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What my Toddlers Eat in a Day

Sometimes finding something for your toddler to eat can be an excruciating task – can’t they just eat pizza every meal? I feel like I spend all day cooking, and cooling, and cutting up meals for these crazy little boys.

But at the end of the day I know that their bellies are full, and they have had three healthy meals! With a few snacks of course ! 

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6 Things To Do With Toddlers Before Summer is Done

Summer is such a magical time to be a kid – playing outside all day, popsicles, water balloon fights, staying up late and having s’mores by the fire. Most of my favourite memories as a child are in the summer time, and I can’t wait to share those memories with my boys. But sometimes having young kids makes it hard to do some of the awesome summer activities everyone is doing! So with only a few weeks left, I am determined to fill it with activities that will be fun for the kids and for my husband and I.

There is still time left for you to squeeze in these 6 inexpensive, kid- friendly activities before heading back to school!

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Summer Essentials – Toddler Edition

With summer being half way done, I feel like I have finally got a handle on things. The days are hot and long – we spend most of our time outdoors with trips to the park, and local splashpad and our nights usually consist of boat rides and ice cream, with the occasional bonfire. We are absolutely loving these hot days and I don’t think I could make it through them without these 10 essentials!

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How I got a Bachelors Degree With TWO Kids

Education is key.
That’s a phrase we have all probably heard before, but before I had my children I really didn’t understand what it meant.
Yeah school is important, having a job is important, and being able to provide for yourself is important. But why do people stress this phrase so much.

Back in 2010 I graduated high school, still unsure what I wanted to do with my life. But so looking forward to going to university. I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field, I just could never decide on what. Doctor was always in the back of my mind. But I played with the idea of forensic pathologist, pediatrician, ultrasound sonographer – the list goes on and on….and as you can tell it’s all over the place. Continue reading “How I got a Bachelors Degree With TWO Kids”