How to Stay Productive

Being a mom is probably the most difficult – underpaid job there is.  You have the sole responsibility of taking care of these tiny humans, and with that comes with the long list of  other jobs we take on as mothers – doctor, chef, maid, referee (you get it). 

On top of all the responsibilities of taking care of children, most of us have a house and bills to take care of, an actual job or school, and a husband – who lets be honest, is basically another child. 

Personally, I have taken on all of the household responsibility, I go to university full time and recently I have taken on the blogging world. Staying organized and productive is the only way I am able to balance my responsibilities and life.

Writing down my to do list, budget, goals and blogging schedule really helps to reduce stress and anxiety.


Have a Master Calander – Have a calander that holds every important date – doctors appointments, bill payments, assignments due etc. It will give you a good idea what your month looks like, and helps you to remember those important dates.

I absolutely love this calendar – I have been using it for three years – It has large squares, can go on the fridge, and comes with adorable little stickers! I highly recommend this it!

Monthly Goals – Make a list of the biggest goals you want to accomplish for the month – I usually leave the list on my fridge so I can see it everyday.

Make a List of Tasks – Sunday night sit down and make a list of things you want to accomplish that week. I always add any appointments or assignments I have that week, and even add the most obvious of tasks like laundry or grocery shopping. You would be surprised how accomplished you feel after crossing things off your list.

Reschedule – If you were not able to complete your whole list for the week, add anything that was skipped to the following week.

Prioritize – After I have made my weekly list, I always go through it again and put a star next to the things I definitely want to get done that week – I may have to skip cleaning the fridge to get an assignment done, and thats okay.

Make Time – This will always  be the hardest step, setting aside time each day to check a few things off your list. I know how tempting watching Netflix and eating pizza sounds, but checking those items off your list is so much more satisfying.

I always feel more productive in the morning, so I make sure to set aside an hour or two to get a few things done – sets an awesome mood for the day, and who knows you may be feeling so accomplished you get even more stuff checked off!

Blogging Lists – Make a weekly or daily list of things you want to accomplish with you blogs, whether that be to reach 200 followers on instagram, or to pin 10 articles. I am a part of a blogging group so I like to mark down any thread I join, and check it off as completed.




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  1. Yes! I agree to every single one of these. I wake up at least two hours just to get a head start of the day before my little one gets up! Very helpful

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