How to Master Instagram Engagement

Instagram is one of my favorite social media networks, and it is the social media network I focus on to grow my blog. So, after starting my Instagram account, my question became, “how do I grow my following?”  And I thought, there has to be some secret that I’m missing.  I was so tired of seeing blog posts about being successful on Instagram that gave the same points about writing a killer bio, sticking to a strict theme, and that f*cking follow-unfollow method.  If you haven’t read my post already “How to Gain Instagram Followers” you should definitely go check that out first.

One of the main points I made in that post is in order to receive engagement you have to give engagement. If you haven’t noticed, engagement is everything on Instagram.  With the new algorithm, posts are ranked according to the comments that they receive. Comments are now way more valuable than likes.  And Instagram is super smart. Comments are only factored into your post’s ranking if they are longer than three words. So if someone leaves an emoji or “Awesome (y)”, it is like they didn’t leave a comment at all!

But why is post ranking important?  Posts aren’t appearing in chronological order anymore, the feed only displays the content that it feels you are interested in. The new algorithm affects the ability of both your followers and non followers to find your posts. And that is why I have created this guide to help you rock Instagram engagement.


One of the best way to increase engagement is to participate in comment/like pods  A comment pod is a group of Instagram users who agree to like and comment on any of the everyones posts as soon as they see them.  They encourage other people outside of the pod to leave a comment as well. I was lucky enough to be invited into a few, but if you cant find any, don’t be afraid to take the initiative to start your own. Its so amazing to have a group of people who support you, and encourage you daily.

Ask a question in your caption, or request something from them –   It’s super hard to leave a meaningful comment on someones picture when they dont ask for engagement. Its common knowledge that people love to talk about themselves, so leave an easy to answer question in your caption, or ask them to tag a few friends who may like your profile.

Respond to all comments – If you want an amazing, authentic Instagram following, you must acknowledge all comments – either liking, or responding back. Responding makes your followers more likely to comment again in the future.

Engage with your current followers –  If you are always working on getting new followers and never interact with your current following, you’re not helping yourself out. Keep your name on your followers’ minds by regularly liking and commenting on their posts! With the way people are unfollowing nowadays, you have to burn your name in thier mind so youre not unfollowed.

Comment, Like, Comment – This is a technique I use when interacting with people – whether it be people I am following, or people who have uploaded in the hashtags I use. I comment on a picture, like a picture, then comment on another, repeat. Whenever I have some down time from the kids, I hop online and do this for ten minutes!

Give and Get Shoutouts –  Another way to get your name out on Instagram is by giving and receiving shoutouts. Look for users with a similar niche, and ask them if they want to do a shoutout with you. This means posting an image and telling your followers to follow the account. A shoutout is the quickest and most effective way of growing followers on Instagram. (Follow Fridays and Mommy Mondays are my favourite ways to give shoutouts)

Follow Everyone That Follows You – Now this the most important rule! In order to get the love, you must give the love. That means, if someone follows or likes one of your photos, check out their account and if they are not a spammy account, follow them back! I always love to follow new accounts, and make sure to give them some extra love by liking a few of their pictures, and leaving a comment!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I love it. I am currently working on getting better at using Instagram. I pinned it so I could go back to it.

  2. I love these ideas! I am always looking for new ways to grown my instagram! The pods have helped a ton for me. Liking and following those who give me love also has made a big difference! Thanks for your tips!

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